Under much protest (“I don’t want to leave, I LOVE little Audrey”) Abby was taken home by Aunt Cindy to sleep. 

Appearently those two had quite an evening…

At one point Abby was crying because she wanted to be with us. 

“Aunt Cindy… I miss my family… <sniff><sniff>  I want to be with my Family <sniff><cry><sniff>”

“But Abby I’m your Family too??!!!”

“<sniffling voice> No, The Family I LIVE WITH!!!!”


A while later while trying to get Abby to sleep..

“Aunt Cindy, my mom sings songs while putting me to sleep.  My favorite are Silent Night and You are my sunshine”.

so Cindy sung her requested songs and a bit later a sleepy and absolute exhausted Abby…

“<sniffling tired voice>  You did REALLY GOOD Aunt Cindy..”

Abby went to school early this morning (again under much protest) but we’ll pick her up from Kindergarten a little early today.  She really wants to be here and see her little Audrey.

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