Lots of catching up to do since our last post. 

On Sunday afternoon we were able to bring baby Audrey home from the Hospital.  It is a wonderful feeling to be home again and we really missed having Abby around us.

So far she is a wonderful big sister.  She is so gentle and careful with Audrey and thrives on being there for her.  Which makes us happy of course.

Kathleen is doing great and is getting a bit  better by the day.  We have encountered some minor issues during her recovery but overall it’s getting better and better. 

Our neighboor has come up with a new nickname for Kathy. 

“Kathy, the covered wagon woman”  She has the baby in the morning and is ready to go plow the fields and cook dinner in the evening. 

Seriously, I think if we were at home she would have tried cooking dinner!!!   She is such a strong woman with a high tolerance for pain so that we as a family always have to slow her down a bit. 

Enough of my rambling, here are more pictures…


Mommy, when can we take her home..??







Sleeping in Mommy’s arms…






What is that place “Home” that you people keep talking about…?








Daddy, I really want to take her home now!!!







Wooohooo, we are home…







Mommy, I LOOOOVE Baby Audrey!






Daddy, Abby and Audrey…





No Daddy, I am holding the Baby now..







Audrey in Daddy’s Arms.







Dr. Finke holding Baby Audrey







Dr. Finke, Kathy and Audrey






Why do I think of Jonathan when I see this picture..??

Little Buddha anyone!!!







Ooohhhh, Mommy Kisses are the best…





“So, there I was just laying in my crib when Mommy picks me up and throws me over her shoulder.  Then this person in blue starts poking and prodding me.  Something about me being already back at birth weight and stuff.  Hey, does this blanket make me look fat..???!!!”





“Alright people, I’m tired and cold could you please get me dressed and a place to crash?”

“Oh, and a little feeding would be nice”





“Yeah, that’s better but still kind of uncomfortable…”













“The Girls!!”

Abby with Audrey and her friends Senia and Mallory




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