admin on January 8th, 2007

Yoda appears to get into the baby mode again.  Last night we caught him practicing his technique.


Hmnn… I was sleeping until..





those two started flashing those lights at me…




Can I go back to sleep now???  THANK YOU!!!

admin on January 8th, 2007

A couple of days ago my cousin Nicki and his girlfriend Nadine had a little baby girl named “Nadeshda”.  The little bundle of joy was 51 cm tall and weighed 3120 gr. . 

Welcome to our planet – May your time here be a blessed one!!

Here are a couple of pics of her, Mom and Dad!




















Sweet Dreams little one..





16 days and counting for our little one…

admin on January 8th, 2007

This weekend we got a changing table from Chris and Audrea and Kathy got it ready for our new arrival.  Slowly but surely reality is hitting us that in less then 17 days – at the latest – little “Audrey Michelle” will be born.


Teddy Bear – Check,

Diapers – Check,

Wipes – Check,

Step Stool for Abby - Check,

Audrey?? – Not yet!!!

So I download the last batch of pictures and post them here.  I surf the web for a minute when Abby comes in to give me a Good Night Hug & Kiss.  Seeing the camera next to the computer she starts posing…

Here is the first batch…








 Daddy, I can I see what the pictures look like?





Really, I would like to see them!












Okay, that’s it… NO MORE PICTURES!!!


Are you still there???









I mean it this time!!!







I can put off going to bed..







Okay… Good Night All!!!

admin on January 4th, 2007

Gavin was in town from L.A. where he is working on some incredibly cool projects.  (Sorry, it’s TOP SECRET!! He could not even tell us.)

The first morning Abby was going to meet HER “Uncle Gavin” she spent a good 30 minutes in front of the mirror primping her hair etc. etc..  She has NEVER taken that much time on her own in front of the mirror and even the clothes she wore had to be PERFECT. 

She really looks up to him (Deservedly so) and when the blanket monster chased her she squealed with delight.

Abby with her ‘own’ Hero






The next morning we watched the movie Sky High and shortly thereafter Uncle Gavin came by and Abby turned into a bonified Superhero!









Fierce Abby

“You wanna piece of me?”

admin on January 3rd, 2007


I’m pretty sure the story below qualifies:

January 3, 2007
A Man Down, a Train Arriving, and a Stranger Makes a Choice

It was every subway rider’s nightmare, times two.

Who has ridden along New York’s 656 miles of subway lines and not wondered:
“What if I fell to the tracks as a train came in? What would I do?”

And who has not thought: “What if someone else fell? Would I jump to the rescue?”

Wesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker and Navy veteran, faced both those questions in a flashing instant yesterday, and got his answers almost as quickly.

Mr. Autrey was waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking his two daughters, Syshe, 4, and Shuqui, 6, home before work.

Nearby, a man collapsed, his body convulsing. Mr. Autrey and two women rushed to help, he said. The man, Cameron Hollopeter, 20, managed to get up, but then stumbled to the platform edge and fell to the tracks, between the two rails.

The headlights of the No. 1 train appeared. “I had to make a split
decision,” Mr. Autrey said.

So he made one, and leapt.

Mr. Autrey lay on Mr. Hollopeter, his heart pounding, pressing him down in a space roughly a foot deep. The train’s brakes screeched, but it could not stop in time.

Five cars rolled overhead before the train stopped, the cars passing inches from his head, smudging his blue knit cap with grease. Mr. Autrey heard onlookers’ screams. “We’re O.K. down here,” he yelled, “but I’ve got two daughters up there. Let them know their father’s O.K.” He heard cries of wonder, and applause.

Power was cut, and workers got them out. Mr. Hollopeter, a student at the New York Film Academy, was taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. He had only bumps and bruises, said his grandfather, Jeff Friedman. The police said it appeared that Mr. Hollopeter had suffered a seizure.

Mr. Autrey refused medical help, because, he said, nothing was wrong. He did visit Mr. Hollopeter in the hospital before heading to his night shift.

“I don’t feel like I did something spectacular; I just saw someone who
needed help,” Mr. Autrey said. “I did what I felt was right.”

admin on December 29th, 2006

This morning before leaving the house Abby was WIDE awake bouncing of the walls. When she saw the digital camera in my hand she started hamming it up. So, here are a couple…

And here is one from Christmas Eve at the Farley’s

admin on December 22nd, 2006

This is just a test post to make sure I have full functionality using Microsoft Live Write as well!!!!

admin on December 22nd, 2006

Okay, I have just redone the site for a last time. Blogging will start in earnest over the next couple days.

Getting all my hosting straightened out and to lay out a structure so I can keep everything as clean and simple as possible, besides trying to get the house finished was a chore!

This is going to be the place where I post stuff about the little ones and what’s going on with us. I will add a couple of other blogs regarding geek stuff and one for the cycling group.

See you in the next post!!