admin on January 31st, 2007


Lots of catching up to do since our last post. 

On Sunday afternoon we were able to bring baby Audrey home from the Hospital.  It is a wonderful feeling to be home again and we really missed having Abby around us.

So far she is a wonderful big sister.  She is so gentle and careful with Audrey and thrives on being there for her.  Which makes us happy of course.

Kathleen is doing great and is getting a bit  better by the day.  We have encountered some minor issues during her recovery but overall it’s getting better and better. 

Our neighboor has come up with a new nickname for Kathy. 

“Kathy, the covered wagon woman”  She has the baby in the morning and is ready to go plow the fields and cook dinner in the evening. 

Seriously, I think if we were at home she would have tried cooking dinner!!!   She is such a strong woman with a high tolerance for pain so that we as a family always have to slow her down a bit. 

Enough of my rambling, here are more pictures…


Mommy, when can we take her home..??







Sleeping in Mommy’s arms…






What is that place “Home” that you people keep talking about…?








Daddy, I really want to take her home now!!!







Wooohooo, we are home…







Mommy, I LOOOOVE Baby Audrey!






Daddy, Abby and Audrey…





No Daddy, I am holding the Baby now..







Audrey in Daddy’s Arms.







Dr. Finke holding Baby Audrey







Dr. Finke, Kathy and Audrey






Why do I think of Jonathan when I see this picture..??

Little Buddha anyone!!!







Ooohhhh, Mommy Kisses are the best…





“So, there I was just laying in my crib when Mommy picks me up and throws me over her shoulder.  Then this person in blue starts poking and prodding me.  Something about me being already back at birth weight and stuff.  Hey, does this blanket make me look fat..???!!!”





“Alright people, I’m tired and cold could you please get me dressed and a place to crash?”

“Oh, and a little feeding would be nice”





“Yeah, that’s better but still kind of uncomfortable…”













“The Girls!!”

Abby with Audrey and her friends Senia and Mallory




admin on January 26th, 2007

Under much protest (“I don’t want to leave, I LOVE little Audrey”) Abby was taken home by Aunt Cindy to sleep. 

Appearently those two had quite an evening…

At one point Abby was crying because she wanted to be with us. 

“Aunt Cindy… I miss my family… <sniff><sniff>  I want to be with my Family <sniff><cry><sniff>”

“But Abby I’m your Family too??!!!”

“<sniffling voice> No, The Family I LIVE WITH!!!!”


A while later while trying to get Abby to sleep..

“Aunt Cindy, my mom sings songs while putting me to sleep.  My favorite are Silent Night and You are my sunshine”.

so Cindy sung her requested songs and a bit later a sleepy and absolute exhausted Abby…

“<sniffling tired voice>  You did REALLY GOOD Aunt Cindy..”

Abby went to school early this morning (again under much protest) but we’ll pick her up from Kindergarten a little early today.  She really wants to be here and see her little Audrey.

admin on January 26th, 2007

Yeah, I know we are taking a ton of pictures but we are proud parents of two beautiful girls how could we not???!!!




Abby is excited about her little sister!!!







Barely a day old and already imitating Michelangelo’s David!!!







Abby and Audrey striking the pose…







PopPop with his latest Granddaughter…







MomMom excited about Granddaughter number 3….







The cute one…







and another one..







yup… we are proud…





This morning sometime between 5am and 7am our nurse Sharon took this one…





Both of them are wiped…






last picture for now…

admin on January 26th, 2007

Here are a couple of more pictures from yesterday.  Today is a little more calmer so I’ll post a couple more times throughout the day.


Audreys first poopy diaper…


and Amy had the honor of changing it!!!




Contemplating Confucius!!!













Tired Mom with Audrey…







Tired Dad…







Kiss for the little Angel…







This child is really kissable…







Hey Aunt Cindy!  How’s it going ?






Abby and Kathy hanging out.






Abby was sooo happy to become a big sister…


More on that later…

admin on January 25th, 2007

Wow, what an absolutely overwhelming, positive, wonderful experience!!!  I’ll post more later on tonight but for now I just wanted to post some pictures!!



Ready to go…






Dr. Finke, Dr. Diaz, Cleo and Dr. Burris busy at work.   Here she comes…






Welcome Baby Audrey!!!  Let’s get you cleaned up…







What are you people doing to me???   Quit prodding me…





Proud Dad cutting the cord…







Hi Audrey!!!

Hi DAD!!!!!

What an awesome feeling!!






Why is it so cold out here???





8.14 lbs (4035 grams)


20 inches long (52 cm)





Isn’t she cute??!!!!!

(The right answer is “YES!!)





Look!! I’m a big Sister!!


Abby is awesome with her already…





Abby is putting Audrey to sleep..






Mom and child…


“Welcome to our Family”





Audrey and Kathy…






Dad with Audrey…






Kathy’s co-workers dressed up our Hospital Door and then room…!!!

(Thank you Julie!)




Kathleen and Audrey are doing great.  Right now Abby is sitting on the foot of Kathy’s bed holding Audrey in her lap.  Kathy is feeling pretty good and is not feeling bad at all. She is such a trooper!!!

admin on January 22nd, 2007

Today Kathy called me at work.  The Bill Parcell watch is over.  After 11 days he finally has decided to retire from NFL coaching. Watching Cowboy games will never be the same.

Every time a camera would show Bill – Abby would come running up to me, point at the screen and say

“Look Daddy, Man Boobs is on TV again”…








I’m going to miss those moments… <sigh>


admin on January 18th, 2007

So for the last several days the Weather guys been talking about this cold front which is going to stop south of our area.  Well, the front must have not known anything about it so it blasted it’s way right through.

I got to stay home with Kathy and Abby for a day because the roads were not safe enough to use.

Here is the proof that it DOES snow in Texas!!!


Our driveway first thing in the morning…





Abby enjoying the snow.

Wouldn’t it be fun if little sister could be born today?






You probably have a hard time telling but for Texas this is one heck of a snow angel!!!




It has snowed here more then this before.  But even a ‘little’ snow is cool here…

(no pun intended)


Even Kadie got into the action..





Okay Papa, enough of the pictures already…



Poor Motorcycle…




I’m cold and want to go inside!!!

admin on January 18th, 2007

We have this little digital camera that Abby likes to take off with to have fun with.  It’s amazing how many great shots she gets just by pointing and clicking.

Lately she has been posing her toys…

Here we have her Teddy Bear on which she has been practicing diaper changes.

Who looks happier?
Teddy Bear or Elmo?



Here she is posing a lot of her dolls.

How creative..



I really love this picture.

How much care went into this placing everything…



admin on January 18th, 2007

Several folks at work organized a Baby shower for Kathy, Audrey and myself.  They put a lot of time and effort into it which we really appreciate.  A beautiful cake, cookies and punch were on hand as well as tons of presents.

Here are a couple of pics:


Notice this awesome picture.  Me being right over the horses ass is purely coincidental - Really!!!



Isn’t that cake awesome??!! 

The place where they ordered the cake cancelled on them.  But Tammi called in some favors to make this happen!!

We love the little booties…


We got lots and lots of presents.  Little Audrey is set for at least a year ;o)




This is a little picture book for Audrey. Well, it’s actually for Abby to SHOW Audrey.  Some little elves picked some pictures from my desk and put this little baby album together.



It was a special event and we feel truly grateful for all the thoughtful gifts and well wishes.

admin on January 9th, 2007

Tonight Abby revealed to me that she was going to marry a boy in her class. 

But why?

Well Daddy,

He is nice to me…

He looks nice to me…

      And he smells good like you…

“Uhmnn Abby… do I have a say in this???”

Then she reveals to me that she is going to be a real life princess and this boy (who shall remain nameless) is going to be her prince.

She found some clover and while wearing her princess shoes she wished for her dreams to come true.

Abby, to us you are already a real life princess!!!


See Daddy..

“Here is my clover!”







Princess shoes and clover together   




Poor boy has NO IDEA what Abby has in mind for him… <grin>